Days Until Something Happens

Unofficial countdown to something

hot things to say in bed

  • he watches the markets
  • please help me escape from this place
  • i saw his arm get torn off like a ticket stub
  • don knows what happened on the riverboat
  • let’s talk about systems
  • let’s talk about systems
  • let’s talk about systems soon
  • something is going to happen in 77 days

hey remember when something happened

me too

Do not support Bear Stearns Bravospam



Jacob Bakkila cried to me on the phone for months. When I found him out in July and texted him saying I knew he was behind Pronunciation Book, he called me almost immediately and begged me not to disclose that he and his partner Tom Bender were behind the channel.

Two weeks ago, we scheduled a meeting for him to reveal the company behind Pronunciation Book but he kept pushing it back. Finally, he called and seemed distraught. He told me the company behind Pro Book had pulled out just that morning because they weren’t seeing high enough view counts on the PB videos.

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Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow. The saga of Horse_ebooks and Pronunciation Book just got really, really ugly.

Wow that’s kind of

hey do you guys remember when I uploaded a number and a link to a video wherein some asshole says that number every day for like sixty fucking days

Man I feel like we all have this super secret language you know

We’ve been really deep into this thing for so long

If I’m walking around and someone says a quote like “he watches the markets” or just “something’s gonna happen in __ days” there’s a 100% chance I’ll start sweating

the follower count is falling like the stock prices